Year 4 Homework – Questions for Stig

Leave 5 questions for Stig. If you are lucky, he might reply to you!



38 thoughts on “Year 4 Homework – Questions for Stig

  1. 1. Do you have a family?
    2. Do you have any wepons to defend yourself or hunt with?
    3. Do you know where you are right now?
    4.Did you live in the dencave since you were born or did you find it and make it your home?
    5. How easy is life for you alone in the cold, wet dump?

    1. 1. no
      2.a knife dencave
      4. I I don’t know where I was born because i was put in the dump and made my own dencave when I was 6.
      5.very sad I try and teach myself but I can’t because it is to hard and I am very cold at night and lonely!

  2. Stigs questions

    1.What is your favourite food?
    2.What is your favourite colour?
    3.Do you like animals?
    4.What are you most proud of?
    5.How did you get to den cave?

    1. 1. I like apples carrots and turnips.
      2. Brown.
      3. Rabbits.
      4. Me making flint.
      5. I was chucked in the dump and then when I was 6 I made dencave.

  3. Where do you live? How old are you? Where does Barny live? Do you like your fire
    place? Do you like hunting?

    1. 1. I live in dencave.
      2. I am 11.
      3. With his mum and sister Lou.
      4. Yes but it takes a while to light.
      5. Yes I hunt animals to eat.

  4. 1)What was the first thing you found in the chalk pit?
    2)Do you have a favourite thing in your cave?
    3)Why are you living in the chalk pit?
    4)Are there any more improvements that can be made to your cave?
    5)Have you met anyone else except Barney?

  5. How did you get in the dump? How did you get to Horningsham with out getting seen? How did you make all your tool’s? How did you make your Den-cave? How did you get all that chalk in one night?

  6. 1. How did you end up in the dump?
    2. Why did you come to our school not Chapmanslade, is it because we are doing a topic about Stig of the Dump- you?
    3. Why don’t you want people to know your in the pit?
    4. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve found in the dump?
    5. What words do you know of the English language ?

  7. 1. How did you get to Horningsham school Stig?
    2. Do you know a different language?
    3. Do you have a brother or a sister like you?
    4. What do you find most interesting in your cave?
    5. How do you know what time of the day it is?

    1. 1. I walked along way.
      2. No I have just never been taught English so I don’t know any language.
      3. No but Barney is like my brother because he is so friendly.
      4. My flint is most interesting to me.
      5. I don’t, I just guess!

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