Super duper improved sentences

We looked to make some boring sentences really sizzle!

Year 4: To improve boring sentences by adding adjectives

Year 5: To improve boring sentences by adding adjectives and an embedded clause

Year 6: To improve boring sentences by altering the sentence starter, adding an embedded clause  and adding a simile for description

Lucy Yr5:

The six rapid rabbits, which were covered in white and black fur, ran across the green lawn.

Finlay Yr5:

Last night, at half past twelve, I had a strange visitor.

Elouise Yr5:

The lovely maid, who was shaking like a leaf, was pouring the herbal tea.

Sahara Yr6:

Six rabbits, who were as joyful as tiggers, ran across the muddy lawn.

Jorja Yr4:

A dark red dragon, who was as tall and heavy as two skyscrapers, breathed fire on five four year olds, who were petrified.

Jennifer Yr5:

Six cute rabbits, that were munching carrots, ran across the green lawn.

Jessie Yr6:

The girl, who was as stupid as a dinosaur, was playing dangerously when the chair toppled onto her.

Benji Yr5:

A chair, which had three legs, fell over onto a clumsy girl.

Chloe Yr6:

Grumpily, a maid, who was as small as a ladybird, poured the steamy tea.

Maggie Yr6:

Bob, who was the laziest being in the whole world, cut the grass like a rhino trying to play tennis.

Elsie Yr6:

The ginormous,golden and sparkly throne fell over on a girl and squashed her like a fly…

William Yr6:

The young dragon, who had rabies, breathed fire on the measly children.

Rachel Yr5:

The golden lion, who was a brave king,jumped on the hopeless mouse.

Finlay Yr5:

The lion, who swished his golden mane, jumped on the defenseless mouse.

Bryony Yr6:

Rapidly, six rabbits, as white as clouds, ran across the brown, muddy lawn.

Raya Yr4:

Six rabid rabbits ran across the crazy lawn.

Matilda Yr5:

Six cute rabbits, that were eating their yummy food, ran across the fresh, juicy, green grass.

Amber Yr6:

With a steady hand, the maid, who looked like a monkey, poured the sour tea.

Rory Yr6:

Secretly, six naughty rabbits, who all looked like mutations, precariously ambled across my sublime garden.

Anya Yr4:

Six baby rabbits ran across the freshly mowed lawn.

Clemmie Yr4:

A chair made of gold fell clumsily over a little girl.

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