Our amazing writing!

We had 15 minutes to write a short, but imaginative, piece of writing which had to include the following words:

….and then the tears began to flow…..


See what you think of our efforts.

39 thoughts on “Our amazing writing!

  1. I couldn’t believe it. Why had Mother Nature turned against us? As my eyes searched what used to be my house, the sadness sunk in. My brother and daughter were recovering in hospital; how on Earth would I cope?
    It’s now the 29th of December, 3 days after the tsunami.
    I had saved myself, got to safety. But they, who were both younger than me, had been a fraction of a second late. The tsunami had demolished the small town of Kakéski faster than a whole fleet of army bombers.

    There hadn’t been a single building that had emerged in one piece. I saw the aid helicopters taking the sick and wounded away from our desolate island; my injured family would soon be leaving to recover. And then the tears began to flow….

  2. Steadly I climbed on the most enormous plane. My mum, Heidi, was right next to me, ” I can’t believe we are going to America!” She yelled and then the tears began to flow. She was so happy it was our first time going to America.

    Nine hours later we arrived. It was so warm! It was like a sauna. “I’m going to have a great time here!” I thought.

  3. I needed to go, I needed to. If I didn’t my little girl would be stolen and my dog. But as I approached the big big building it burst up in flames. And then the tears began to flow. I turned, out of the corner of my eye was a big man dressed in black and white. I was scared and worried. “Where’s my dog?”, ” Where’s my little girl?” I screamed!

  4. It was a cold summer’s night and we were sat in the living room watching East Enders. Suddenly, we heard a humongous BANG and the front door broke down. In came a man who stole nearly everything, then the tears began to flow. I thought to myself, “I’m not taking this,” and I ran like a cheetah down the road and I tackled him like a rugby player. Finally, I brought back all the stolen things and took them back to their owner.

  5. I fell off the deep, dark cliff, my eyes red and swollen. The water engulfed me… I woke up, I was standing, no floating, above a bed staring at a pale faced girl with eyes closed. I recognised her, it was myself, I was dead, my eyes started to water then the tears began to flow, crawling down my face and falling down through the bed.

    Mum appeared she walked right through me. “If only we let her recover from her dad’s death, before we left her at gran’s,” she cried, tears spilling down her nose. Something was pulling me back comming from my mouth. “Ahh!” I shouted
    “Listen she’s comming back,” came a voice.

  6. There once was a girl called Rosie, she was lying in her bed when suddenly her mum and dad came in. “I’ve got some bad news Rosie, we’ve got to go away ,you must stay her on your own.”
    “Why mum why dad?”
    “Well, your grandmother is really ill, we are going to see her. It’s quite a long way so that is why you are staying here.”
    Then the tears began to flow.
    “Is she going to be ok?”
    “I’m not sure, I hope so.”

  7. I sidestepped to the right – the coast was clear. I ambled on into the mist, which engulfed me, as I carried on my mission.
    I was closing in on my primary target; the pillbox. Cautiously, I ventured inside the musty, old, rundown building, then I found it.
    My long lost laboratory key was back in my possession. Then the tsunami of tears began to flow.

  8. I was in the kitchen, cutting carrots until I heard a distant howl. I looked out of the window and into the clouds, and I saw a rocket like shape coming straight towards me. I have seen that kind of rocket before, in a film called “Nuclear Shower”, wait, nuclear, nuclear…nuclear bomb. Panic flooded me like lava. It can’t be. I am too young to die! And then the tears began to flow. 🏠
    🚀 😱

  9. Deep,deep down in the turquoise sea lay the princess of pearls. Her snowy white tail , that was tinted with gold, rested on a patch of soft, sweet smelling seaweed. Then, silently she rose up to the surface where the fisherman waited…
    Ten years later. ” Help!” I called down the corridor. “I demand to be let out!” The tears began to flow as I rattled the chains that stopped me from escaping.

  10. Slowly, she arrived at the church. Bang, the doors slammed behind her. As the funeral started, she suddenly announced that the vicar should start a hymn, and then the tears began to flow. She reached into her pocket and grabbed a damp tissue. A cold hand approached her shoulder and a cold whisper made her spine shiver. Carefully, she turned round and saw a white person behind her; it was her grandma that had died. The old hag whispered, “Everything is going to be all right, I am in a happier place.”

  11. Whoosh,the flames grew higher. Her beautiful daughter was trapped. She heard her daughter scream and then the tears began to flow down her cold face. Next, her father, brave and stupid, ran straight into the flames and carried her out unconscious -but still alive.

  12. Knock Knock Knock,I opened the door of the house being wrecked by the fire starting from the attic downwards. Firemen came to put it out but the fire was still burning, I was told to rescue a little girl but I couldn’t find her anywhere.”Hello little girl,don’t worry I am here to help.” I called for her but I couldn’t hear her at all, suddenly I saw her trapped under a pile of logs. Logs burn.”Please don’t hurt me.” She wailed in an innocent sort of voice. And then the tears began to flow from her face to the floor. I pushed and pushed the ultra-heavy logs off of her aching back we ran to the door before the fire caught us, she made it to her parents but I didn’t…

  13. Finlay’s epic short story💥

    BANG!!…a huge explosion covered space with millions and billions of new comets and asteroids, floating forever in the cold vacuum of space.

    150,000 miles away from the explosion, a man and a woman were sat in a spaceship…( along with 60 other crew members ) in front of a red button..

    “Why?” she whispered, “why did you do it?”

    “So we could live happy-” said her drunk husband

    “Nobody could live happily knowing they had just BLOWN UP THE WORLD not even me”.

    But the man wasn’t listening. Sadly, the woman walked over to the air hatch, preparing to jump out and kill herself…as she said ‘nobody could live happily knowing they had just blown up the world’. As she began to turn the handle, her whole body shivered at the thought of knowing what would happen to her body once she was out there, she carried on turning, and then the tears began to flow!

  14. I was waiting up stairs, I just couldn’t wait till I was allowed down .”You can come down stairs now”shouted my mum. I hurried down hardly able to control my emotions .A little latter I heard a mini bark,”What was that?” I wondered, so I went to look.

    I got my coat off the chair, where I had left it, and went to see if it was Emma’s dog but it wasn’t. So I went back to the house.Then I saw my little brother’s shoes on the flour ,so I went to put them in the utility room. As I stepped thought the door, I got licked!

    Then I saw what it was. A DOG! He was the colour of gold.Then the tears began to flow, it was what I wanted.

  15. It was the first day of November. I was trapped in my house all alone. My Gran went out and locked the door. It was 3 O’clock and still no sign of Gran, quickly I ran to the secret compartment in my bedroom. Then the door handle opened. It was My Gran! She shouted, “Where are you?”…

    …and the the tears began to flow. I stayed in the compartment not daring to come out. Then she came upstairs running frantically from room to room. Suddenly, she came in and found me. I shuddered!

  16. I was walking along in an old public pathway BUT as I was my hand shot in my coat pocket fiddling with my imagination in a minuscule container. I thought I couldn’t let it out otherwise it would happen again.

    I approached a small railway, I suddenly froze like I was made of led. A hand, and then the tears began to flow. I had seen it before, I ran back as the hand followed the container exploded with a pop and a bang I hid behind a tree and climbed…

  17. As I approached the crowded marked place, I suddenly froze still as a waxwork.

    Could it really be Violet?

    My long lost sister?

    I started walking towards her. She turned around and saw me; then the tears began to flow. I felt Violet hugging me tight and I hugged her back. I found her! At last we could be a family once again…

  18. Mary walked into her house, not having to shut the door, because it was on the floor smashed up into little pices. She looked to see the greatest mess she had ever seen. “Oh no,” she thought, “I have been burgled! …. I wonder what they were looking for, where has it gone? They have took it.”

    Then the tears began to flow…

  19. It all started on the 5th of June. It was my birthday! Everything was going perfectly; my friends were coming around later and then we were going to watch Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy at the cinema! What could possibly be better?

    I felt like I was going to burst.

    Excitement was rushing as fast as a waterfall through my body. And then everything went wrong. My mother fell seriously ill; she had a heart attack. Of course we all rushed to hospital and the doctor saw to her straight away. The news wasn’t good.

    Half an hour later, the doctor came to see us, looking very grave.
    “I am sorry,” he began, “Your mother has passed away. She is dead. I could not save her. I am so sorry for your loss.” With that he slouched off, his head hanging, without a backwards glance.

    And then the tears began to flow down my poor cheeks. My mother was gone and I couldn’t do anything about it.

  20. She was struggling hard. She looked left, and then right, no one was with her. She could not breath … not even one bit. She was stuck in an hotel on the 22nd floor and an earthquake was brewing. The swimming pool water pounced so high that it reached the 22nd floor. The water seemed to feel like a ton of icicles all about to chip her slick skin. She was going to die! The bitter liquid struck her beady eyes. And then the tears began to flow.

  21. On your marks. Get set. Go! I heard as I started swimming like I had never swam my whole life! It was amazing, the crowd went wild. I swam and swam.

    I chased the other swimmers. I caught up 1,2,3,4,5, I was first at last, ” Keep swimming!” I heard as my coach was screaming at me.

    She wins! The crowd went wild! I was first in the Olympics. And then the tears began to flow…

  22. “YE HAR!” Morgan yelled, “I am riding a dog! BEST FU-HELLP.” Morgan cried.
    He fell off the dog and got attacked, and then the tears began to flow.
    “OK OK, I am sorry for everything.” Morgan apologised.”I am sorry for using you as a horse. Next time I will just use a cat!

  23. I was in my gloomy kitchen, and suddenly I felt a waft of cold air. I slowly walked out of the kitchen, walked towards the front door, and my hands were shaking like mad. “It’s locked” I cried. And within a second WOOSH, a fire began. It was as big as the whole kitchen. It grew higher and higher,and then I froze as still as a statue!

    I was locked in my house full of fire. And then the tears began to flow.

  24. As I walked through the long narrow corridor you could see what was going to happen… And then the tears began to flow, two hours later I had to leave my mother. “Is she is the right place?” I asked the caring nurse.
    “Thank you for looking after my mother, I said to the brilliant nurse.

  25. Cautiously I looked both ways. Out the corner of my eye I saw a glimpse of a shadow.
    I turned my whole head, but it had gone!😱 I scanned the room to see if anything had been disturbed. I saw that my golden tiara had been stolen, my eyes looked full of fear.
    And then the tears began to flow…

  26. Ginny was walking towards Gran her body lay still, just like a waxwork, wired up to the life support system to stay alive. Ginny hollered ” It’s me Gran, Ginny I do hope you wake up..” Ginny wondered. ( Two months ago Gran was knocked over by a car , it was horrible.) ” Would this coma be just a comma and not a full stop? ” Gran loved Ginny, she was her only granddaughter out of four grandsons. Ginny lived in Ireland , Gran in Dover. She had come to see her , just to see if she would wake up. The doctors said a surprise could wake her up.
    She wandered over to the pristine bed Ginny said desperately, ” Gran I’m here it’s me Ginny, I love you, please wake up !” Gran’s eyes flicked open, she tried to speak but her voice was dry and sore. ” Gran,” she whispered and then the tears began to flow down her Gran’s wrinkly cheeks, ” Oh Gran!” said Ginny quietly as she embraced her tearfully , as both of them were crying…….

  27. As she walked up to the school gates, inside they were waiting for her. It was her first day at school so she was nervous . She walked up cautiously to the school. When she stepped into the the classroom they had already started the register. “Miley” said the teacher “yes miss and sorry I’m late” she said “don’t worry now everyone make a circle and let’s all say are names to each other”said the teacher. So we did. Everyone said there names and then it came round to me and then the tears began to flow.😭

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