Radio 2 500 Word Entries

Owls optional half term homework has been to do final editing of our 500 word stories, and to submit them into the competition.

Our stories are published here; leave us a comment on what you think of our efforts!

37 thoughts on “Radio 2 500 Word Entries

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you do 500 word challenges; we only do 100! I think it boosts up your literacy knowledge dramatically. It’s great!

  2. Here is my 500 Word Story from 2012

    The Day The World Turned to Lego
    BANG! Suddenly I awoke, I looked around the room and I saw that everything was Lego! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The shelves Dad had built were now blue and white bricks, my wardrobe now red bricks. Everything, from my curtains, to the dog asleep on the rug, now, all Lego! I got out of my bed and cautiously meandered around my room. Finally I gathered the courage to get out of my room and curiously walk along the landing to see if any other things were Lego then I realised that everything in the world was Lego! I had to find out who would do such a crazy thing.
    Later I ventured out to walk my now Lego dog and I saw that everyone was looking at a poster, I squeezed my way through the crowd to see what was on it. When I eventually forced my way through the crowd I saw that on the poster there was a picture of my best friend Connor. Next to it I saw that there was some writing which said “Connor South is WANTED for turning the world to Lego.”
    I ran immediately to Connor’s house. He cautiously opened the door.
    “What were you thinking turning the world to Lego?” I said anxiously;
    “I just wanted to experiment, to try and turn my Lego set to life but the experiment went a bit wrong and the whole world turned to Lego instead . My new invention ‘The lifeomatic G1-9ER 3000 Laserbeam’ refracted off of the mirror, crossed its beams with the early morning sun rays….which then shone on my Lego set and BANG! Everything was a bit blurry after that, now the whole world hates me. What am I going to do Rory?”
    I put my thinking cap on, the destiny of the world depended on me. We went downstairs…. through the cellar….. Over a fire grate….. and along a narrowing corridor to our secret hideout, The scene of the crime.
    I saw ‘The lifeomatic G1-9ER 3000 Laserbeam’ and thought if we could make the laser do the same thing but make it shine on to pictures of the objects in the world it would turn the world back to normal.
    Two days later Connor and I met up in our base at 5.30am (just in time for sunrise). We were putting the last picture in the correct place when we heard people banging at the door. We both knew at once they wanted to capture Connor. We had to act quickly!
    We both started flicking switches and connecting plugs, at last the laser had full power.
    The countdown had begun 5,4,3,2,1,BANG!

    1. wow what a realy goood and interesting story. i like the way that the world turned into lego. lego is one of the things i like to do. i also like to play on my xbox with all my friends.

    2. Wow you’re story was really, good and creative it would be cool if the world was lego except you. You must be really, clever if you do five hundred words because i only do one hundred!

  3. my 500 word story 2014

    Her heart pounded with fear and trepidation as a blood curling howl filled the remote and desolate woods! Shrivelled vines caught her, in distress she tried to untangle the disasterous vines, but she couldn’t. She was weakening every second. “It’s getting closer,” she thought. With one mighty shove she broke free.

    “It’s getting closer,” she thought, her legs covered in cuts from arching brambles. Knarled trees appeared to look almost like hands grabbing her and devouring her into the darkness. Twisted thorns almost seemed to look like snakes, following her, leading her to freedom.

    The full moon strode from the safety of the jet black clouds. Everything seemed to go quiet, she turned; nothing was following her. She slowed and came to a halt. “I think I know this place,” she whispered, “I’ve got it, this is where…” something bounded in her way.
    It was as black as the night sky. It had curved claws, a black muzzle, long sharp canines and a whip-like tail. There was nowhere to hide.

    There was something very strange about this creature, underneath his night-sky coat she could see something scarlet red. A collar! She moved one of her hands to push away his thick black fluff. The creature growled to warn what she was doing. The creature set out another ‘awoooooo’.

    Suddenly, the moonlight faded away into pink, violet and orange clouds. Then she saw the sign she was dying to see. The Sun. She looked back to the creature – it started to shrink, his jet black muzzle transformed into a basic brown. Its ebony coat started to alter into a basic bronze, his shredded neck converted into a lush bronze. With one swish the creatures whip-like tail changed colour. The creature’s humpback had flattened completely so it was in line with the bottom of the creatures neck, his scarlet red collar showed up more than ever. She could see that the collar was in a heart shape saying, “ My heart belongs to you!”
    “I KNEW IT!” she shrieked with relief.
    “ I CAN’T BELEVE IT!,” She bellowed with happiness “How did you survive.” She shrieked
    “ I have got to get you out of here,” she said whispered in his ear
    They ran like mad, the creature, which was now not as dangerous, was running right at her heels. She was racing against the clock which would be tweeting any second know. Luckily she found a shortcut that she came through when the creature was chasing her. That’s why she lost the creature. Her house was in view, she skidded under the garage door just before it shut.
    “Where should I hide you?” she questioned. But the creature was not interested in what she was saying, he was looking at a large sort of filing cabinet.
    “Perfect,” she complemented. She put the creature inside; it fitted perfectly.

    The full Moon came again. The filing cabinet shattered, the werewolf came, the howling started again.

    This is exactily 500 words

  4. The Land of Sweets
    It was a sunny day. Lucy, Bryony and I decided to go to the cookie shop and buy lots of cookies. We then went to town and met a girl called Matilda, she was really nice so we invited her to look around with us.
    We went down many different muddy tracks and got to a blunt cave – it was old and dusty. I wiped some dust off a sign and read it. I read out “DO NOT ENTER!” but we went in anyway. We began to see lollypops, candyfloss, chocolate and lots of jelly.
    We entered a factory of sweets and began to eat them. We then went up some escalators and jumped in sticky bouncy jelly. After that we got stuck in it and tried to munch our way through it but, fell straight through! My friends and I were then on a waterfall. We slid down; we though there was no ending! SQUASH, we landed on giant marshmallows. We bounced on them like we were on a trampoline. And up sprung two goblins…
    They started to be nice and then out shot their spikes. They tried to gobble us up. We all ran and ran. We got tired, so we sat down and the goblins dissolved. We looked, we had reached the town centre. All of us went home and the next day I went there again, but no sweet land was in sight. I was so disappointed. I know it was a dream day never to happen again. We haven’t gone to sweet land since, we all slept at my house and stuffed our mouths with cookies.

  5. It is a cold windy night. I am sat in front of the fire then I hear my mother say time for bed, ok so I go to bed as normal and I fell asleep and I was having a dream of minions and smurfs. Suddenly I hear an incredulously loud bang! It wakes me to my feet then I realise I am not at my house I’m with smurfs and minions, I thought to myself this is becoming very creepy I looked again to my left and see my mother and a shopkeeper I said to my mother “how are we here” “well we all dreamed it honey” said my mother softly
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed there were smurfs and minions. Wondrously I hear another incredulously loud bang it was the breeding machines oh know I thought so I say “keep well away from it” the shopkeeper and my mother Nodded at me.
    If one girl smurf and one boy minion go in together they make deadly creatures, they start to breed minismurs what are deadly suddenly they start chasing us we try and out run them but it doesn’t work “they are too fast and deadly for us” the shopkeeper exclaimed
    “We need to make a potion but we can’t all there is just fruit and water here no material for a potion at all” my mother announced. But then I had a brilliant idea “we could make the potion out of fruit and water and mush them together to make it brilliant idea isn’t it”
    “Yes it is dear” mother said “so how are we going to do it honey” mum said again I thought to myself we going to give it the minismurs “we could wait until they are all asleep” shouted my mum from the other side of the little area “or we could sing them a Lula by” exclaimed the shopkeeper “go to sleep go to sleep little minismurs go to sleep” sang mum a bit stupidly “it worked there asleep” we all shouted happily
    So we got to work we turned two of the minismurs back to their selves one of the minismurs woke up and started chasing us we were running for our lives “what are we going to do now” screamed me

    “Then another brilliant idea popped into my head we could put the potion in their food and drink that might work” exclaimed the shop keeper
    “But that is a might isn’t it thinking on the bright side that will work wouldn’t it”
    “Yes it will work” we all sort of shouting a little
    “well let’s get to work” I said turning away we all got to work propping little drops of the fruit potion with a mush of water in it, it was very difficult climbing trees putting it on their plates and everything else they could eat or drink but finally we got there “they are going to eat now… IT WORKED WE SHOUTED!!!!!!!” “We are all still alive!!!…

  6. My Finished and uploded 500 words story 2014

    By Finlay saunders

    Tears cascaded from Emily’s red cheeks. “One last look Scottie. One last look,” she sobbed desperately into the picture of her pet.
    She slipped the photo into her pocket, crept downstairs and pulled on her coat. As she closed the front door quietly, Emily sniffed the chilly air and strode off alone into the night.
    Her heart pounded with fear and trepidation as a blood-curdling howl filled the remote and desolate woods. Shrivelled vines caught her. In distress she tried to untangle herself, but she couldn’t. She was weakening every second. ‘It’s getting closer,’ Emily panicked. Then with one mighty shove, she finally broke free.
    Her legs were covered in cuts from cruel, arching brambles. The gnarled trees looked almost like hands grabbing and devouring her, pulling her into the darkness.

    The jet-black clouds released the shining moon and everything seemed to go quiet. She turned; nothing was following her. She slowed and came to a halt. “I think I know this place,” Emily whispered. Then, without warning, something bounded in her way.
    It was as dark as the night sky with curved claws, a black muzzle, long sharp canines and a whip-like tail. There was nowhere to hide.
    Frozen to the spot, Emily couldn’t think. But there was something strange, something familiar about this creature that made her stay still. Underneath his shadowy coat she caught a flash of scarlet red in the moonlight. ‘A collar?’ A collar she recognised. The creature growled again angrily, to warn her to stay away, as it set out a terrifying howl.
    The moonlight faded away into pink, violet and orange clouds and the first beams of sunshine filled the shadowy forest. She blinked in the new, warm light still fixed to the spot. Emily looked back. The creature had started to shrink.
    Ebony fur transformed into a softer brown. With one swish the creature’s weedy tail became a soft and fluffy brush. Now the scarlet red collar showed up more than ever. She could see clearly the familiar writing “Scottie”.
    “I knew it,” Emily shrieked, puzzled and relieved at the same time. “You’re alive!”
    She instinctively scooped up her beloved pet and together they ran like mad, from the terrifying wood.
    Emily stampeded through the back door, forgetting how quietly she had left, when she heard their wailing voices.
    “Where is she?” Mum was worried.
    “ Possibly looking for that dog.” Dad was cross.

    Her parents turned in relief as she burst into the room.
    “Where have you been?” shouted Mum.
    “ Looking for Scottie, of course,” beamed Emily. “Look!” She opened her arms to reveal a curled up, brown fur ball.
    “We were so worried,” Dad scolded, but then he smiled. “But you’ve found him. I’m so proud of you. Now perhaps we can get back to normal around here.”
    Emily smiled with relief but then reality finally sunk in.
    ‘I can’t tell them,’ she thought. ‘They won’t believe me. Only I can ever know the terrible truth.’

  7. This is the kind of homework that I like because in our school we have a 100 word challenge and I always go over 100 words.

  8. That is a very good story you have done. it was better than my one let me know if you are going to win good look what is your class called

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