Stig’s Visit

miLJtkRuLqE4o3qqaPiDmrQWe had a visit from Stig who told us his plans for the future. In pairs we have written a recount of his visit, explaining all the things he talked about.


William and Louis – Kings of Poetry!

Hi, Mr Dix!

Here is the poem you wanted me to type to you:

Under a cliff, in a cave,

Was a beast whose weapon was flame.

There was a carpenter, making ribbons and bows,

And there was a blacksmith, with swollen toes.

The dragon was sleeping, guarding his loot,

25,000 emeralds and gold, all stacked up together and covered in mould.

Carpenter and blacksmith, blacksmith and carpenter,

All ready to fight the fire Master.

The dragon sensed their presence and clawed at the rocks,

And his blood-red scales were like hard chicken pox.

The beast was right, the travellers were near,

They climbed on, until they felt great fear.

The dragon hid in a tunnel, blacker than black,

For when the travellers walk past, he will attack.

On their journey they rode by trolley,

They rode to the cave wearing clam shells as a pack on their back…


William: carmpenter and blacksmith

Louis: the dragon

Super duper improved sentences

We looked to make some boring sentences really sizzle!

Year 4: To improve boring sentences by adding adjectives

Year 5: To improve boring sentences by adding adjectives and an embedded clause

Year 6: To improve boring sentences by altering the sentence starter, adding an embedded clause  and adding a simile for description

Lucy Yr5:

The six rapid rabbits, which were covered in white and black fur, ran across the green lawn.

Finlay Yr5:

Last night, at half past twelve, I had a strange visitor.

Elouise Yr5:

The lovely maid, who was shaking like a leaf, was pouring the herbal tea.

Sahara Yr6:

Six rabbits, who were as joyful as tiggers, ran across the muddy lawn.

Jorja Yr4:

A dark red dragon, who was as tall and heavy as two skyscrapers, breathed fire on five four year olds, who were petrified.

Jennifer Yr5:

Six cute rabbits, that were munching carrots, ran across the green lawn.

Jessie Yr6:

The girl, who was as stupid as a dinosaur, was playing dangerously when the chair toppled onto her.

Benji Yr5:

A chair, which had three legs, fell over onto a clumsy girl.

Chloe Yr6:

Grumpily, a maid, who was as small as a ladybird, poured the steamy tea.

Maggie Yr6:

Bob, who was the laziest being in the whole world, cut the grass like a rhino trying to play tennis.

Elsie Yr6:

The ginormous,golden and sparkly throne fell over on a girl and squashed her like a fly…

William Yr6:

The young dragon, who had rabies, breathed fire on the measly children.

Rachel Yr5:

The golden lion, who was a brave king,jumped on the hopeless mouse.

Finlay Yr5:

The lion, who swished his golden mane, jumped on the defenseless mouse.

Bryony Yr6:

Rapidly, six rabbits, as white as clouds, ran across the brown, muddy lawn.

Raya Yr4:

Six rabid rabbits ran across the crazy lawn.

Matilda Yr5:

Six cute rabbits, that were eating their yummy food, ran across the fresh, juicy, green grass.

Amber Yr6:

With a steady hand, the maid, who looked like a monkey, poured the sour tea.

Rory Yr6:

Secretly, six naughty rabbits, who all looked like mutations, precariously ambled across my sublime garden.

Anya Yr4:

Six baby rabbits ran across the freshly mowed lawn.

Clemmie Yr4:

A chair made of gold fell clumsily over a little girl.